We are eachothers teachers: A poem

After her fires, too strong to tame, burnt the land around her
With all its debris, treasures, and spaces in betweens
Her wind came and blew away the rest, ashes and all
And she stood in her nothingness waiting for the great waters to emerge

Came, they did, the great waters
Earth called you to its ocean, invited you to hear it and walk by it everyday
Destiny gave you ample grief, to let your inner waters flow as endless tears
Those who need you, come to you in their thirst, seeking your words of wisdom

Even the way you speak sounds like a gentle flowing river
And the way you walk resembles quiet tide of the ocean
You sprinkle fresh ideas like dews from a morning flower, awoken to newness
And you listen like a deep well where fresh water is waiting to be discovered

They say that water has power to change lands
Break dams, mold canyons and create new paths
Sometimes water changes trajectories ever so slowly and gently, just by one degree
And it makes all the difference to the lands downstream, that would have otherwise cracked in its dryness

Woman of water, gentle teacher, wise guide
Being in your presence just for few days stirred my inner waters
I feel the spring rising, swirling, and gurgling
Babbling, bursting brooks ready to wet cracked and neglected places inside me

Urana Batjargal
Economist World Bank Washington DC
2018 September