Save the dates

Inspiring and passionate people

Again we are preparing a retreat with Tara Brach in Holland. She will be back in 2019 or 2020. For a link to one of her beautiful guided meditations look here, and  Teja Bell, known for the healing practice of Radiant Heart Qigong, will be back in 2019. For a link to one of his beautiful dharma talks look here, we are also prepairing the 2nd 5-day retreat with Heather Sundberg, see below.


About Radiant Heart Qigong:
The Qigong movements are an effective, interesting and beautiful tool for meditation in action.
Radiant Heart qigong is designed to bring Presence in the Now by aligning the different parts
of our being: physical, emotional and intellectual.
As a result Radiant Heart Qigong brings mindfulness, physical, emotional and mental relaxation
and awareness about your Self and Life.


Announcement 5-day with Heather:

Heart and body practice open us up to the essence of our nature and allow us to
release the habits which interfere …